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'modern art' :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 2 6 Lenny Haunt :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 2 0
(GT) An unexpected occurrence CH.2
As Alex went to find something that could work as clothing for Annabella, Alex's girlfriend Lily arrived at the door because she had not seen Alex in a month due to him needing to take care of Anny. "ALEX! I haven't seen you in a month!" She called whilst knocking on the door.
"COMING!" Alex called as he closed the drawer he was looking through, when Alex arrived at the front door and opened it he was greeted by Lily flinging herself at Alex, nearly knocking him off his feet.
"Alex, you have some explaining to do on why you were 'too busy' to see me for the past month" Lily sternly said whilst frowning at Alex. Meanwhile Anny was wondering what the hell was going on so she decided to check it out, flapping her wings she took off and headed towards where Alex was. Upon entering the hallway she saw that Alex was with someone else and when Anny realized that Lily was staring right at her she quickly swooped away towards Alex's study. "Was that a fairy at the end of the hallway?" Lily said
:icongerfwald:Gerfwald 2 0
An unexpected occurrence CH.1
"Hey Alex, watcha doin?" Annabella chirped as laid there lazily sprawled on the table whilst watching Alex using his laptop, which Annabella had no clue really how it worked and what it was for.
"Oh, I'm currently sending an email to one of my friends who has gone to live in America" Alex nonchalantly replied as he saw Annabella's perplexed face as she dragged herself towards his laptop.
"I still have no clue on what the fuck an internet is, actually I quite frankly have no idea on what you're talking about when you mention this Laptop thingy" Annabella said with a hint of aggression in her voice, which caused Alex to roll his eyes as he picked Annabella up by the waist and placed her in front of the keyboard. "Let me guess, you're gonna try and teach me what it is and how to use the damn thing blah blah blah" Annabella mocked as she threw her hands above her head whilst scowling back at Alex. 
"Well aren't you a little bundle of fun" Alex taunted in a sarcastic tone whilst proddi
:icongerfwald:Gerfwald 1 0
An unexpected occurrence prologue
Here I am with my legs pinned under some books with me wailing in agony and stuck in a human's home. just great. The elders always said for me to be careful but I never listened, heh I guess not listening to that really bit me in the arse. They'll not even notice that I'm dead and or missing because I'm such a damn ignorant sh- ...
I was broken from my chain of thought by the sound of footsteps coming in my general direction which caused me to enter a state of sheer panic, I tried to get the books off of me but it was no use because my legs were firmly stuck under the books and definitely broken beyond repair. 
"'ello?" I heard a voice call out which I assumed was the human that owned this place, I looked up to where the voice came from and I saw a rather handsome man which I knew was inappropriate for the current situation.
Stuck with nowhere to go I decided to yell out for help and put my fate in the hands of a human, "HELP ME!" I cried pathetically in a vain attempt of h
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le rape face :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 0 1
Mature content
Ashley's mistake :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 0 1
Addictive flames (Gt) chapter 4
When Rob got back to his place he was glad to see that there was 30 more minutes of work break left which would be plenty of time for me to prepare things, he started by drilling some air holes into the lid of the jar which he had recently bought but he knew that wouldn't be enough to satisfy him. Rob made a large black sleeve of paper that the jar could be placed into to prevent any light from getting in from the sides as well as anyone seeing what was inside it, after admiring his quick handiwork he grabbed his jar and other belongings with his plan ready to be put into action.
Meanwhile Saranna was bored out of her wits whilst waiting for the others to come back so she decided to take a small wander around the workbench and inspect Merle's work close up, she noticed some screws weren't properly screwed in so Saranna decided it would be a nice surprise for him and tell him that she had fixed some loose parts which would prove she was helpful. She was too busy rummaging around that sh
:icongerfwald:Gerfwald 1 0
Mature content
Addictive flames (Gt) chapter 3 :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 1 0
Addictive flames (Gt) chapter 2
After what seemed like hours of Merle comforting the diminished Saranna he finally piped up teasingly "Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?". Saranna knew he was teasing her again because at her size she can't prevent Merle from taking her with him but she was enjoying this moment too much to even bother complaining at her husbands teasings.
"Yeah... I guess" Saranna responded before yawning as Merle cradled her in his hands. Saranna just let the warmth of his hands envelop her as she curled up and began to purr loudly enough for even Merle's ear to pick up, upon hearing the sweet purring from Saranna he decided to take her into the living room and plan out what to do next. Saranna felt like she could just slip into deep sleep while in his hands knowing everything will be okay if she's with him, slowly she began slipping into sleep from all the mental exhaustion that had happened due to the past few hours bringing many changes to her life.
"Oh what to do with you Saranna" he
:icongerfwald:Gerfwald 1 0
Me trying to write a story :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 0 0
Saranna Bio
Full name: Saranna Rose Easom
-Mrs Easom
Reason for nicknames:
-It's a much more casual name
-It is her formal name
Birthdate; 23 Aug 1996
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Bloodtype: AB
Bloodline: Unknown
Race: Neko
Occupation/class: Scientist
Social class: Upper class
Orientation/Sex Preference: Asexual
Physical Appearance
How old they appear: 17
Eye Color: Yellow and red
Glasses or contacts?: Glasses
Hair color length and style: Light brown with red streaks, 46 cm
Weight and height: 4ft'8, 81.3 lbs
Type of body (build): dainty yet curvy
Skin tone and type: Light
Shape of face: slightly Thin
Distinguishing marks/piercing: Large scar along her arm
Predominant feature: Her seperately coloured eyes
Is she healthy?: yes
If not, why not?: Because every 2 days she goes down to the gym and works out
Do they look healthy? yes
Why/why not?: yes because she has a decent amount of muscle on her
Char's favorite color: Yellow
Least favorite, why?: black because she feels it is de
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The early morning :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 0 0 The country side :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 0 0 The gnome of death :icongerfwald:Gerfwald 0 0
Transformers custom character template
Alt mode:
:icongerfwald:Gerfwald 1 0


Dwindling Time || Nine
"What's that supposed to mean?" Cliff was still steaming after the frustrating encounter in the woods. "They asked you to stay with them?"
"To live there, yes!" Sylvia confirmed. 
The hunters exchanged a look at length. She was doing her level best to keep her answers clear and concise. Even with the hunters leaned so closely over her perch in Jon's hand, she had to repeat herself every other time she spoke. Her throat ached, and she found herself longing for a warm cup of spiced elderberry tea. 
"Well, you told them to shove it, right?" Cliff's green eyes swam with insecurity, making Sylvia soften her stance. 
"Something to that effect, yeah."
Jon bowed his head, and she had to crawl forward to catch his eye. It was as though it pained him to look at her since they'd returned. 
"I don't want to believe their only solution is to take you away," he mumbled. 
"After twenty years, their only solution is isolation." Sylvia fingered the pendant on
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 6 4
The Portal :iconryky:ryky 1,504 29 Blow A Bllpffltblt :iconlilyflufflovenaga:LilyFluffLoveNaga 9 18
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 1
Something was different today.
I could feel it welling up in my bones.
I was staring out from our sunroom at the edge of the house facing the backyard, the walls entirely made up of windows, and that's when I felt it. This stirring in my ribs, all this built up energy that was pushing me towards....the woods.
Why the woods? I had never traveled back there...well not completely. When I was younger my little 5 year old feet had managed to crawl themselves over the fence in a spur of exploration, only to be stopped by my dads arms before my legs had hit the ground.
"You can never go back there, Rose." He had told me.
"It's forbidden property. You wouldn't want to get yelled at by the neighbors, would you?"
My chubby toddler cheeks quickly nodded, terrified of the mysterious neighbors my dad had always told me about above the hill next to us that owned those woods. He smiled with relief, pushing blonde hair away from my eyes.
I had never met them, and I never really wanted too.
But here I
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 51 29
Steampunk Astrolabe/Orrery Table Close-up 1 :icondchan:dchan 125 22 :Laser caution: :icontapwing:Tapwing 195 11 3D steampunk magic thingy Closeup :icondchan:dchan 167 17 Daily Paint 1584. Newtella :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,219 123 Samus :iconprywinko:Prywinko 2,454 115 Seraph :iconfoxi-5:Foxi-5 157 34
Covert Healing
Sylvia lay sprawled out on her pillow, looking across at the other bed in the motel room. She listened closely. Cliff's windstorm breathing was even, slow. Peaceful. By then he was fast asleep, she gauged.
The only other sound in the room was the low volume of the TV and the occasional sound of movement outside the room. The thudding footsteps of humans passed in front of the door every so often, but the do not disturb sign posted on the other side kept the room safe from housekeeping.
She sat up, flexing her hands in front of her. The magic exhaustion had ebbed, but a bit of stiffness still remained. A power nap had done her wonders.
Her bed was empty. Jon was out, fueling up the car and picking up food. He'd insisted that she stay behind and recover rather than be toted around and jostled. It had been an intense hunt, that was for sure. Jon had gotten out largely unscathed while Cliff had received a nasty gash on his upper arm.
Gasher. Sylvia shuddered. What a fitting n
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 23 17
Little Tiger :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 773 24
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 3
At that statement, my struggling became intense again. I trashed and squirmed away from him and away from this whole horrible situation, but it only made him grin, raising an eyebrow again with that chillingly amused expression plastered on his face.
He simply smiled watched me for several moments, dangling there helplessly between his two fingers until exhaustion over took me. How was all of this even possible? Just an hour ago I would've never dreamed of giant people existing, especially getting kidnapped by one. This couldn’t be real. It’s not logical!
Anger suddenly swelled up inside of me, swirled up in crippling fear, and I met his eyes and spat at him.
"You realize this is practically kidnapping right? I'm a person, I have rights. I have a home and a dad and sister. Please, let me go."
The smile never lifted from his face.  
In one swift movement, he stood up, the air around me rushing at his past and my head felt woozy. I quickly found myse
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 30 46
Easter Egg Lily (wip) :iconlilyflufflovenaga:LilyFluffLoveNaga 23 19
Dwindling Time || Seven
Jon was there when she awoke, but not in the way she wanted. 
She felt the strong sway of being carried, and a breeze occasionally sneaking past. Sylvia groaned and rolled over on her side in his palm, groggily feeling along his skin. 
Was that scar always that big?
Her eyes shot open. She looked all around her, recognizing the shape of Jon's hands loosely arced around her. Her breathing was shortened to gasps as she tried to gauge where she came up on his finger. Less than half way. Her heart hammered. She had reached that much just this afternoon, hadn't she?
She slapped her hands on his palm. After a few moments, light flooded in as he opened his hands up and brought them higher. Trying to see past him was pointless. All she could see was flashes of sky and trees behind that looming concern. 
"Jon… did I--" She choked off. "Did it happen again?"
He shook his head. "I've been holding you for an hour. Nothing happened."
She relaxed
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 8 0
Dwindling Time || Eight
Warm light spilled from within as part of the tree melted away into itself. Liam flew inside the opening, and the other two followed. No one else moved from their formation around the hunters, acting like a shield. Against the direct orders, Sylvia felt Jon stagger forward a few steps as though he couldn't help himself. 
She looked up in alarm, ready to warn him to back off, but the fairies surrounding the hunters did the job for her. Bursts of magic popped threateningly, better than any red traffic light, and Jon didn't dare draw any closer.
The span of silence didn't do anything to calm Sylvia's nerves, and judging by the tension coiling beneath her in Jon's palm, she wasn't the only one. She knew he would see right through any attempts to offer him comfort, seeing as there was little that could be done to comfort her at the moment. The only hope that perched in her heart was that what she would see wasn't too disheartening. That maybe she could adapt to whate
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 9 9




I am kinda stuck on ideas for what Anny does when she gets back to the village.
I do know she needs to learn how to use her magic eventually but it would probably have to happen in the village.

Please comment any ideas on what should happen in chapters 4, 5 and 6


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I'll have my website be my steam account until I get a official website for my dank (good kind of dank) drawings.

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